Paul GrahamIt’s not that unprestigious types of work are good per se. But when you find yourself drawn to some kind of work despite its current lack of prestige, it’s a sign both that there’s something real to be discovered there, and that you have the right kind of motives. Impure motives are a big danger for the ambitious. If anything is going to lead you astray, it will be the desire to impress people. So while working on things that aren’t prestigious doesn’t guarantee you’re on the right track, it at least guarantees you’re not on the most common type of wrong one.
Jordan PetersonYou don’t stagnate, you digress. You are not the same you were yesterday, you are older and weaker. Working towards your goals is the only way to stop that[..]
Naval RavikantSchool, politics, sports, and games train us to compete against others. True rewards — wealth, knowledge, love, fitness, and equanimity — come from ignoring others and improving ourselves.
UnknownSuffer the pain of discipline, or suffer the pain of regret
OriginalBeautiful women are cursed with an endless crowd of men. All willing to court, few willing to stay.
OriginalA true titan is forged in solitude.
OBThink less. Act more. Life gets better.
RichardFeynmanWhen you are dead, you don’t know you are dead. It’s pain only for others. It’s the same thing when you are stupid.
OBHappiness is a function of directed focus. Focus, as in calm, uninterrupted states of flow. Directed, as in aimed towards interesting, meaningful work.
OBA great relationship involves two people who understand that a clear mind needs time alone.
NavalRavikantIn an age of permissionless leverage, judgement not work, determines success and failure. Good judgement is the product of a calm and curious mind, reasoning without motivation and attachment. Whatever strengthens your ego weekend your judgement, and ultimately, your success.
OBYou’re most attractive when you are happy.
OBEnjoying the process of reaching your goals, that’s success.
NavalRavikantTune out society and it’s endless and noisy demands.
NavalRavikantAre you really living or just duying slowly over seventy years
UnknownDon’t waste your time with people who constantly waste their own
OBAnxiety is the gap between what you are meant to create and what you are actually creating.
NavalRavikantTune out society and it’s endless and noisy demands.
ShaneParrish90 percent of success is not getting distracted
OBTo move abroad is to rewire your brain
OBCreating is the antidote to overthinking
HoraceRule your mind or it will rule you.
OBBeing free to spend time with people you love on your on terms I another sign of success.
ShaanPuriHard work helps you win the game. Choose the right game.
OBLife is generous to people who are serious about their dream.
JordanMenashyPotential is a debt you owe to yourself that you can never fully pay down.
LarryMcMurtyThe hardest thing on Earth is choosing what matters.
OBEntrepreneurship is the fastest way to connect all the dots about how society works.
MarkiplierI firmly believe that the entirety of what something is cannot be truly appreciated until it ends.
GJFall in love with the pattern, not the potential.
OriginalBuild a scalable business from day one. If your fulfillment is not scalable, you’re building a job – not a business.
OriginalHigher risk comes with higher reward. The differentiator is courage.
oBThe world is built by people who don’t mind failing
oBThe clarity of your thoughts is the quality of your life
RichardFeyneman Knowledge isn’t free. You have to pay attention.
PeterThielCourage is in shorter supply than genius.
PaulGrahamIf you’re a maker, resists being told what to do by people who aren’t.
AndrewWilkinsonMost successful people are just a walking anxiety disorder harnessed für productivity.
OBLearn to relax, you will be healthier
APompilianoWrite. Record. Build. Whatever. Just create shit and good things will happen.
Ifyou don’t know it, it’s because you are not interested in it
NavalEvery man is at war with himself, except a Buddha.
Navalyou can never be too rich, too thin or too clean.
SamAltmanThe interval from gratitude to entitlement is so short
NavalRavikantWe try and make every good experience repeatable, and then run away from the resulting boredom.
NavalOptimise for independence and freedom.
NavalPick the games you want to play.
NavalOne path to a happy life is to retain a sense of wonder.
Orangethe most valuable personal assets are health and a peace of mind.
Orangeyou’ve never heard of most of the happiest people out there, and never will, because they are smart enough to treasure their privacy.
OrangeLife ends once you fall in love with comfort.
NavalChoose the non-emotional response to any given situation and see how much easier your life becomes
Sahilyou’re not running out of time, you’re running out of energy working on the wrong stuff.
LoganPaulLife’s not short, you just gotta do more.
oBThe happiest people out there don’t have “real jobs.”
obYou become unemployable the day you are confident in your ability to create value.
orangeAnxiety decreases once you are busy living your life instead of watching others living theirs.
oB,The goal is freedom. The path is consistency. The reward is peace of mind.
ErikGriffinThe hardest thing for people is to make a choice, because they are always so busy thinking about the future.
oBInteresting people are simply people who truly lived. You can’t replace experience.
obmoney without freedom is not wealth
obPeople claim they want you to be honest, then they take offense when you are.
NavalThe only thing that will make you happy is choosing to be happy.
oBMaybe that’s not anxiety, maybe that’s your potential reminding you that it’s too early to settle down.
RyanKulp,when you can code, you can make money with your bare hands. when life is this self-directed, things look different